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Earring Rack with Hangers

Earring Rack with Hangers

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Mini Clothing Rack, but for your Earrings!

  • Mini Earring Rack with Hangers
  • Custom Resin Design, meaning each piece is handmade and created custom for the buyer.
  • Mini Hangers are designed to hold and hang earrings, studs, hoops, etc. Get creative and hang your necklaces as well!
  • Our mini multi rack hangers are specifically designed to optimize your “closet space” but not only allowing you to hang one pair of studs, hoops, or drops, but 3!  
  • (1) Mini Ear Candy Rack 
  • (8) Mini Hangers that can hold one pair of earrings
  • (4) Mini Multi Rack Hangers - capable of holding 3 sets of your favorite earrings!
  • Made to Order. All of our racks are handmade-- meaning we do not send out designs to be cut. Please allow 3-5 business days for certain color selections to be perfectly assembled and made specially for you!
  • Additional Hangers Available for Purchase
  • Want a custom color? Email us!


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