Shipping to Beautiful Blooms

In order to have your Beautiful Blooms arrive to us in the best condition possible, please follow these steps:

Following your event and before you ship your flowers, make sure to store them in a cool place (such as a refrigerator) with fresh water in a vase.

Step One:

Cut 1/2”- 1” off of the bottom ends of your flowers and greenery at a diagonal with sharp scissors. Pat the stems of the flowers dry.
We suggest that you remove any special attachments from your bouquet (ribbons, family heirlooms, etc.) that you are looking to keep, unless you have stated otherwise for their intended use. 

Step Two:

Loosely wrap your bouquet with tissue paper or packing paper in the same way, you find flowers wrapped in a grocery store.
*Please do not wrap your bouquet directly with/in plastic, bubble wrap, or wet paper towels. This will cause your bouquet to mold.

Step Three:

  • Line the bottom of the box with crumpled packing paper/tissue paper
  • Place the wrapped bouquet in the center of the crumpled paper
  • Cover the rest of the box with more packing paper/ tissue paper to help prevent the bouquet from shifting around during transit.

Step Four: 

  • Seal the box with packing tape
  • Whether you or a relative/friend ships your flowers, label the box with the full name that the order is placed under and leave a call back number as well.
  •  Place "FRAGILE" sticker on the box

Step Five:

We recommend that you ship your flowers between 24-48 hours following your event for optimal results, but not required. UPS and Fedex are preferred for shipping but not required. (They are also open on weekends).


Mail Your Bouqet To:

Beautiful Blooms AZ 
ATTN: Sara Sikra 
1909 E Redmon Dr.  
Tempe AZ 85283