Every Bloom Has a story, We help to preserve and tell yours

Boutique Floral Preservation

What to Expect

We preserve both your fresh or previously dried flowers and turn them into a lifelong keepsake. Don't have your flowers anymore? No problem! Send us a photo of your flowers and we work with our preferred florists to source flowers to recreate your custom bouquet. Special moments to preserve include; an engagement, wedding, birthday, graduation, or loss of a loved one.

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Preserve your bouquet the modern way

The Process

Your floral arrangements are one of the most beautiful and carefully chosen investments from your wedding day or special moment. Keep and display these moments in your home and enjoy it as a tangible memory of your special day that you will cherish for years to come.

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Shipping or Dropping Off

Here are a few helpful tips & tricks to follow in order to have your Beautiful Blooms arrive to us in the best condition possible.

Shipping Your Beautiful Blooms

Following your event and before you ship your flowers, make sure to store them in a cool place (such as a refrigerator) with fresh water in a vase.

Preserve Your Bouquet the Modern Way

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