The Process

Step One: Reserve Your Beautiful Blooms!

So you’re interested in bouquet preservation, awesome! Go ahead and fill out my contact form and I will get back with you on availability and answer any questions you have. You can also simply reserve your date by ordering the items you want.  I will contact you the week of the wedding or other event to coordinate drop-off if you are local to Arizona.

We can preserve both your fresh or already dried flowers. We are also able to source flowers to help create your custom piece.

Special moments to preserve include; an engagement, wedding, birthday, graduation, or also a loss of a loved one.

We recommend getting in touch with us as soon as you can to reserve your date. As we can only take a certain number of bookings per week, booking in advance is recommended for peak summer/fall dates.

To book and hold any future dates without ordering, we require your name, event date and a $50.00 non-refundable retainer to reserve your spot. This can be sent directly to your artist through Venmo @sarasikra or @beautifulbloomsaz.

There is a $50 deposit required for any last minute orders/drop-offs. This is non-negotiable and non-refundable. This deposit is needed to source materials needed to preserve your bouquet on short notice. Last minute orders are considered any orders that are not booked in advance at least 7 days prior to your requested date. 

Date change? No problem. If you are postponing or have an unexpected change with your event just send us a message and we are more than happy to accommodate to your new date.

Step Two: Wedding/Event Time 

The sooner I can get your flowers, the better. Next day drop offs are awesome, but I can take them within a few days of the wedding. If you aren’t dropping off the next day, make sure you’re swapping out the water in your vase with fresh water. Your final product choices are due at drop off, this is to ensure that I dry enough flowers for what you want. You can always ask later if I’ve dried enough to add on anything extra, but no promises. 

Step Three: Preserving Your Flowers

Once your flowers have been received we begin our drying process. Each flower type is unique so drying time varies and they can take from 8-10 weeks to be fully dried and ready to preserve in resin. 

After the flowers are fully dried we begin putting together your custom pieces. All flowers are preserved with the highest quality products and the utmost care. This process takes between 4-6 month depending on how many layers are needed to cover your arrangement and the number of items you have ordered. We send an email prior to preserving your flowers with design layouts and options. This way you can rest assure your design reflects your personal taste and style.

The total preservation process takes approximately 4-8 months.

Step Four: The Design

Once your flowers are dry, I will design and send you a layout for your block. I only send layouts for blocks and large trays; you’ll just have to trust me on the smaller items! Once you’ve approved your layout, I can get started.

Step Five: The Pour 

Pouring the resin can take a couple weeks. Resin needs to be poured in layers to avoid burning your flowers; I take my time to make sure your precious flowers are taken care of! 

Step Six: Finishing Touches

Once your pieces are done, I can take them out of the molds and do any extra finishing steps that are required. 

Step Seven: Pickup or Shipping Your Items

From start to finish can take up to 4-8 months (typically much quicker!). When everything is ready, I’ll send you some pictures and let you know that they’re ready for pick up! I can ship out of state as needed on a case by case basis.